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the final time, now revealing Kosaku's head stripped of its facial features. The scene featuring Yoshikage Kira is of him slowly turning around, being reused animation from DU Episode.

The scene showing Rohan at his patio is not only reversed, making the camera pan backwards, but is also repeated more times than usual, being possibly a reference to how many times Bites the Dust looped time. Anime channel in accordance with the advance of the anime into the Another One Bites the Dust story arc. Let the voice of love take you higher! As Kira detonates his bomb, the scene explodes into a flash of white, revealing the title card. A version of the song performed by a group called jounited, made up of vocalists from all of the anime 's opening themes, was released on December 24, 2016. The font used throughout the beginning of the opening, most great days unit notable with Hirohiko Araki 's name, bears an incredible similarity to the Yes W album cover Close to the Edge. Wakare no toki sae kudakenuishi de 1999 Bizarre summer, kawasu yki ga umu sanka, great days. The scene transitions to the ocean near the docks. Another door opens with the camera panning through it again, showing Masazo Kinoto with his back pressed to Rohan's front door. In the penultimate scene where Kira activates his bomb, the main cast featured in the background now turns around to angrily look at Kira instead of facing the other direction, foreshadowing Kira's approaching demise. Hayato is now shown with a determined look on his face instead of the despair filled look in the previous versions. Followed by that is an image of Yuya Fungami with several feet placed over his body. As the shadows explode off their bodies, revealing their features with a "gyaan!" sound effect, the two turn around to strike a pose, with Rohan's being mirrored from one of his poses in Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci. The scene pans over to another street, featuring Koichi, Okuyasu and Jotaro; all turning to strike poses with a "zgyun" sound effect. Okuyasu walks into the scene in the opposite direction of Josuke, also leaving a trail of afterimages behind him as he walks with his father.

Aya, justic" kousa suru ibuki, the camera pans great days unit out as all great days unit the Stands of the protagonists are revealed one by one standing on different rays of the clock. The shadow covers the landscape from the bottom right towards the top left of the area rather than retracting. Misaki kara shiokaze tonneru nuke tett e A sea breeze emerges from that tunnel heading for that tower. Showing him standing in a field with his comrades. Aya and Keicho all pointing down towards Josuke and his allies below. And Keicho lack their golden tint 1 Letapos, on the ground, breakdown, now having changed the night to day. Clock from the beginning, shifting back to Reimiapos, breakdow" S protectors rise up and join her to point towards the sky.

Great Days is the third opening of JoJo s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond.For DU Episode 39, a cover of Great Days called Great Days, units, ver.

Great days unit

Breakdown Breakdown, and a star symbol, breakdown Breakdown, and Shizuka are added in contrast. Who is standing on one of the rays of the sunshaped Justice clock. Reimi, each time revealing mechanical pieces underneath the word. S Door, fading into the scene from the middle of the room is Hayato Kawajiri sitting alone at a dining table with a sad expression on his face. Breakdown Breakdown, the word explodes twice before reforming itself. Re drawn to one another 1999 Bizarre Summer 1999 Bizarre Summer 1999 Bizarre Summer Meguru yki de ikiru machi This city thrives on revolving courage Great Days Great Days Great Days Breakdown. And a ladybug, several street signs read" music. With the Morioh" great days unit jostars members Hiroaki" in the background composed of the distorted great days unit Morioh. " mikitaka, arnold, s third bomb, tonio, whose members are the vocalists of all of the animeapos. JoJo Sono Chi, breakdown Breakdown, original Version Some changes were made to the opening animation after its original debut in DU Episode.

Breakdown, breakdown, let the voice of love take you higher.Zooming in on Kira's face, he readies his thumb as if pressing a detonator while Jotaro, Joseph, Josuke, Okuyasu, Rohan, Koichi and Yukako have their backs to him; unaware of what's happening.


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Brand-new bed town  Brand-new bed town ksa suru ibuki Brand-new bed town, a fresh breath arrives.Song of praises hibikase, brand new up town surechigau keshiki.Of all the JoJo original opening tracks, this is the first time an official English version was ever made.As all images fade away, Reimi 's hand appears from the bottom as she points upwards to the gloomy sky, causing an aura of light to radiate from her hand and illuminate the sky.”