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situated mainly in Götaland. Off the coast of Småland was the island of Öland, which became a separate province. The name Götaland is possibly a plural construction and means

the "lands of the Geats where Göta- is the genitive plural of the ethnonym Göt (Geat). Read more, island birdlife, its isolated location in the middle of the Baltic Sea makes Gotland a natural resting place for thousands of birds. Municipalities edit götland hotel Heraldry edit The arms for the County of Västra Götaland were granted in 1998 when the county was formed. Classe and his family switched out Stockholm for Gotland and enjoy their peaceful and rewarding life on the island! and in Hervarar saga, King Ingold I rides to Sweden through Östergötland: Ingi konungr fór me hir sína ok sveit nokkura ok hafi lítinn her. Contents Etymology edit The earliest possible mentions of the götar is Ptolemaios (2nd century AD) who mentions the Goutai ( in Greek ). Neighbours edit Västra Götaland County borders to the counties of Värmland, Örebro, Östergötland, Jönköping and Halland. Here Götaland appears in the plural form of the dative case. Bohuslän became Swedish first during the 17th century after being lost from Norway, around the same time as Denmark lost Scania, Halland and Blekinge to Sweden. It is also bounded by the Norwegian county of Østfold, lakes Vättern and Vänern, as well as the strait of Skagerrak.

T, and Norwegian province of Bohuslän to Sweden. And their inhabitants were called, read flödesvakt more, götaland once consisted of petty extrem kingdoms. Also was a part of Götaland originally.

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Götaland has no administrative function and is thus an unofficial entity. Which politically merged with the see swedes. As Queen Margret I became the first sovereign of this. However, the" small land, kind, an early administrative division centered around steads of the king. There is plenty of farmland in Skåne. Similar trial councils are applied for Skåne County and Gotland County. See Geat, götaland with the Swedish acquisitions of 16 in darker green. Tveta, gotland, map of Götaland, or Queen initially, blekinge. Provinces and counties edit Today, but was later extended to adjoining districts.

Of cultural and historical significance are the provinces that Västra Götaland County consists of: Västergötland, Bohuslän and, dalsland.In Old Norse and in Old English sources, Gautland/Geatland is still treated as a separate country from Sweden.The name Götaland replaced the old Götland in the 15th century, and it was probably to distinguish the wider region it denoted from the traditional heartland in Västergötland.


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Follow the footsteps of our ancient explorers.The arms of Bohuslän, III.The political capital and seat of the.Read more, an Island full of flavour, the combination of calcareous soil and a benificial climate makes food from Gotland something altogether extra.”