Mamas and papas kungsholmen - Finström

in Finström did not exceed 18 gold florins annually. This dating of the upper parts of the nave, both in the exterior and the interior, have been confirmed

by 14C AMS analysis of mortar. Kontakta oss för mera info. Today it is considerably harder to reach original mortar, since a thick layer of concrete covered the floor area after the excavations; the stone floor is laid on top of this concrete cover. The great transformation scheme started with a heightening of the sacristy in the 1440s. The middle of the 15th century meant a radical building activity in the church. Unfortunately, nobody understood to take mortar samples from the foundation level in the nave and in the sacristy in the archaeological excavations in 1969-70. Existing windows were cautiously enlarged. Individual saints like Michael, George, Henrik, Gertrude, Catherine of Alexandria, and Birgitta of Sweden ornament other surfaces of the walls. It received a new location against the north chancel wall. Exterior from the north.

Rackare festspel Finström

Lengthways crack in the south wall of finström the nave. From now on Grelsby Manor is called the Kings Manor. A faithful copy of the equestrian statue of Saint George. And by Saint Anne to the left. Was ordered for the new inauguration of the church. Other sculptures were acquired only finström after the extensive rebuilding of the church in the 15th century. Silverskär, obviously inspired by the church tower in Turku.

Finström is a municipality of Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland.The municipality has a population of 2,588 of which.Finström i hjärtat av Åland har olika ansikten.

Finström, Natural cycles

Compiled from earlier sculpture in the finström 17th century. An unusual solution can be seen in the erection of the tower. Including a detail of the face of Christ. The façades also changed with the windows matching the new vaulting system. Before restoration works started, it lacks the usual simple steplike socle and the separate priest door from the south into the chancel. By using new methods he had learnt in Denmark. In 1704 it was time to replace the pulpit with a new one. He succeeded in revealing the wall paintings in Finström almost unharmed in their medieval state. It is confirmed by the coat of arms belonging to Dean Olaus Magni on the eastern chancel wall.

Therefore no new building plans were on the agenda.Under the plaster of the ribs occasional brick stones can be found.


Folkhälsan i, finström - Folkhälsan

Detail of the chancel vault.Rather than selected small stones framed by chains of bigger blocks in the corners, there is a distinct pattern with regular shifts.Even if the time differences are insignificant, it is possible to discern many different masters.”