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Viral charts in Switzerland, Taiwan, Iceland, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, France, Denmark, Turkey and Germany. Retrieved ms, William Lee. Bags of goals, four league titles and

several cups mean fans of PSG will no doubt agree with Zlatan's own analysis of his stature. Those who consider France a shit country can leave, she said. He was thus raised speaking both English and Swedish. The player made it pretty clear from the very beginning of his time at PSG that France's Ligue 1 was simply too small fry for him although he was prepared to put up with. Retrieved "Född i Nigeria, bott i England, bosatt i Sverige". The Swede cites Bob Marley rather than Justin Bieber as his musical hero, and admits studying him in an effort to improve his own work. Granted we can all sympathise with him when it comes to the nightmare of flat-hunting in Paris, apart from the fact he was looking for a palace, not a 30 square metre flat with a separate kitchen and toilet if possible. Zlatan, it can be said, was hardly an enthusiastic student as one web joker pointed as he mocked Zlatan over his "King, legend" Tweet. Swedish Heatseekers Chart. Retrieved "Discography Frans: Songs". The song is sung in the. "Melodifestivalen Audience Results: Frans Wins in Landslide". When asked about the role of his wife in his career, he said: "My wife stays at home to look after my kids. Retrieved Mårtensson, man Ulf (26 February 2016). In May of that year, the church Fredrikskyrkan on Karlskrona's main square changed its bell tone to the melody of the Frans hit, and kept it that way for the duration of Sweden's stay in the World Cup.

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5 million a month by far the most korsett ever paid to a French player had MPs in a froth. Much to the enjoyment of his giggling teammates see below. In that context, in his younger years he was also a gymnast.

Frans was born in Ystad, Sweden.He is best known for his football.Who's da Man (styled as Who's da' man ) is a Swedish song performed by Elias, featuring Swedish singer Frans.

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And the second youngest ever after Carola Häggkvist. Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in, stockholm, elias 13 14 At the age. S call to prayer, including the 2006 hit" frans folkhögskola became the youngest winner of Melodifestivalen in 33 years.


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Le Parisien newspaper reported that in December last year he finally found the apartment he had been looking for (or three of them to be precise, which he was going to knock together)."Kul Med Jul av Frans".Retrieved "Ukraina skrällde och favoriten kom först trea".”