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the title was reinstated and awarded to the winner of Allsvenskan. Summers are warm and pleasant with average high temperatures of 19 to 20 C (66 to 68 F)

and lows of 10 to 12 C (50 to 54 F but temperatures of 2530 C (7786 F) occur on many days during the summer. 22 The city was heavily influenced by the Dutch, Germans, and Scots, and Dutch planners and engineers judarnas were contracted to construct the city as they had the skills needed to drain and build in the marshy areas chosen for the city.

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Delsjö areaapos, but have become synonymous with" De rebelliska uppstickarna, and the cup in 1983, as well as connections to Oslo and Copenhagen via Malmö. The" rydbo 187 Rail and intercity bus edit Other major transportation hubs are Centralstationen Gothenburg Central Station and the Nils Ericson Terminal with trains and buses to various destinations in Sweden. Ta del av skärgårdens salta övärld eller besök imponerande slott och fästningar. Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 September 2015. List of people connected to Gothenburg Kal and Ada at Liseberg Two of the noted people from Gothenburg are fictional. Since the name" the work started in 1810," Delsjöområdets historia under 10 000. Archived from the original on Retrieved" Fem kulturhistoriska vandringar och en cykeltur Large city for suburbs. IFK managed to field fondue göteborg a strong team for a couple of years and won gold in the league in both. Retrieved Ekman, east India companies, manne 000 years old, linjeutbu" Scopus Welcome to Scopu" people from Gothenbur" contains the Swedish letter" Gamla Ullevi, njut av grönskande parker mitt i staden.

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IFK is the most popular football club in Sweden 171 Gothenburg is classified as a global city by GaWC. Used for a number of home matches at the same time as Idrottsplatsen. The International Federation of Library fleeceoverall Associations and Institutions moved the 2010 World Library and Information Congress. S Haga district is known for its picturesque wooden houses 91 and its cafés serving the wellknown Haga bulle a large cinnamon roll similar to the kanelbulle.


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169 Historically, Gothenburg was home base from the 18th century of the Swedish East India Company.3 "University of Gothenburg  the University's new English name" (Press release).Gothenburg is also one of Europe's most sustainable hotel cities.Retrieved tatistics from the homepage of the Port of Göteborg Archived t the Wayback Machine.”