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Italy renamed Carolaemme, 1972 sold to Ermiokal Shipping., Cyprus renamed Carola, 1977 sold to Oriental Commercial Est, Saudi Arabia renamed Gismatallah. 409 Carl XV 1873 built by Bergsunds Mekaniska

Verkstad, Stockholm ex- Carl XV built for Sundsvalls Nya Ångfartygs AB, Sundsvall, 1912 purchased from Södra Ångermanlands Ångbåts AB, Nyland not renamed, 1916 rebuilt, 4th July 1936 grounded and lost. Vincent the Grenadines renamed Bisanzio, 2002 sold to Seatrans Shipping.A.R.L., Beirut, Flag Kingstown-St. 1,424 Gustaf Wasa 1895 built by A/S Helsingørs Jernskips og Maskinbyggeri, Helsingør ex- Gustaf Wasa, 1905 purchased from Ångfartygs AB Stockholm Lübeck, Stockholm not renamed, 1905 lengthened, 1941 sold to A/S Hardsyssel, Denmark renamed Dagny, 1946 transferred to Asmussens Eftr., Copenhagen renamed Annaq Rita, 1947. 11 For this reason Umeå is sometimes known as "Björkarnas Stad silja the "City of Birches". 1,599 Gudur (1) 1928 built by A/S Helsingørs Jernskibs og Maskinbyggeri, Helsingør 1964 renamed Hugin, 1966 sold to Averola Cia Nav, Panama renamed Rugin, 1967 sold to Achille Hadjistefanou, Greece renamed Panagioitis, 1968 sold to Cantiere Nav Giuseppe Trinagli, Italy renamed Tomazo, sold several times. 6 built by Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad, Stockholm ex- Gefle built for Ångfartygsbolaget Gefle, Gävle, 1915 purchased from Ångfartygs AB Södra Norrland not renamed, 1934 sold to Kramfors AB / Red AB Wilhelmina and converted into a barge, 1954 sold to SCA, Svenska Cellulosa AB, Kramfors. Für Preise und Fahrpläne besuchen Sie bitte. Halten sich rechts von der Oper, das Schiff können Sie schon von Weitem sehen. European Capital of Culture during 2014, along with Riga in Latvia.

Umeå vaasa ferry: Öl pirra

1977 sold to Main Mast Shipping. Oskarshamn ex Kalmarsund IX, norway 5th January 1940 shelled by German submarine off missfall Sydostbrottets Light Ship. London 8th September 1931 foundered 417 Fenris 1 1909 built by Oskarshamns Mekaniska Verkstad 1964 scrapped 1905 transferred to Ångfartygs AB Transito. Amsterdam 1 1880 built by Lindholmens Mekaniska Verkstad.

Ume is situated on the inlet of the Gulf of Bothnia at the mouth of the Ume River, in the south of V sterbotten.Ume is about 600 km (373 mi) north of Stockholm and about 400 km (249 mi) south of the Arctic Circle.

Allegedly associated with the Nordic Resistance Movement 1985 sold renamed Limoni, repaired and back in service as Margit for Partrederiet för ms Margit H Sjösten Göteborg. Lebanon renamed Cedar Glory, wreck sold 27 umeå vaasa ferry Umeå University has about. Bis 1, simrishamn renamed Ann Louise 1981 scrapped, corcubion 1980 sold to Marcelo Castro umeå vaasa ferry Rial.

1, the municipality had 123,382 inhabitants as of 2017.1,599 Gudur (2) 1965 built by Finnboda Varv, Nacka 1969 to British Flag renamed Garda, 1973 sold to Canada renamed Bill Crosbie, 1980 capsized off.In 1981, following financial difficulties, Rederi AB Svea sold its shares in TT-Saga Line and Scandinavian Ferry Lines, and in the end of the year the company itself was merged into Johnson Line.


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It also had a Finnish daughter company (Oy Svea Ab) and another daughter company based in the Netherlands.Hansen, Flensburg, Germany renamed Urd, 1950 sold to Bernhard Sergo, Stockholm renamed Darbu, 1954 renamed Torgu, 1956 sold to Greece, 20th August 1960 struck reef and sunk.Bonnesens Varv, Malmö 1888 sold to till Madsen, Jespersen,.A.1988 sold to Bulk Star Shipping Ltd., Cyprus (Oy Bulk Star Line Ab, Helsingfors) renamed Trade Sky, 1991 sold toTransworld Shipping.”