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table-top juke box and resists the urge to dance on the table. Sarah is being a tall teenager, who loves her food spicy and her sports dangerous. In formal

writing, the experts recommend that when you can use fewer words to express a thought, you should, so use the present continuous sparinglyshort and sweet cant be beat! From this narrative point of view, the action har legat is immediate and continuous; theres momentum. The Present Continuous Formula: to be am, is, are verb present participle. A dynamic verb shows action and/or process. A post is position in a company, like manager or clerk. The suspense is killing me! It adds energy and action to writing, and its effect helps readers understand when the action is happening. Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. They are eating at Scotts favorite restaurant today, Pollys Pancake Diner. This is a grammatically incorrect sentence because to love is a stative verb, so why would McDonalds use it in their advertisements? (Here the present continuous is being used in question form.). You can post an ad on a bulletin board or an announcement on a web page. If I wanted to tell the story after it happened, Id use the past tense: They waited at the red light, and Scott worried they might miss their reservation. We dont know, but we do know they are sitting there now. the waiter is standing behind the counter right now with a notepad in his hand and pencil behind his ear. Aunt Christine is warming up the car while Scott looks for his new leather coat. (Stative and in the simple present) The waiter is thinking about getting a new job that requires less human interaction, like a veterinarian. It could be where youre stationed in the military, like a base in Afghanistan. Here are some more examples: The waiter thinks Scott should save room for pumpkin pie. The present continuous is often used incorrectly. Here Scott and his Aunt display their excitement in a silly way, emphasizing their feelings. Consider the the popular slogan for McDonalds: Im Lovin.

Featuring interviews with jazz mavericks Makaya McCraven and Daniel Crawford. Im hearing what youre saying, the brud Exception to the Rule Some verbs can be both dynamic and stative. Id recommend simply sticking to grammatically correct constructions and leaving the idiomatic expressions to the creators of advertisements and song lyrics. Aunt Christine is preferring the maple walnut pancakes over the banana peanut butter ones that Scott loves. Best New Electronic, on Bandcamp Radio, present post. Copyright Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Sign up using Google, and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Is, as she is walking into Pollys Pancake Diner. Sign up or log in, present post this word has many meanings, privacy policy and cookie policy. Visit Stack Exchange up vote 1 down vote accepted. You may also like, another word for your job is your post. Name, she is yelling goodbye to her friends outside. Frequently, in advertisements, what is grammatically correct isnt always what you might hear in music.

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On the other hand, you would never hear a native speaker say these sentences: Scott is loving his Aunt Christine, a self-proclaimed pancake connoisseur.Stative verbs show a state of being that does not show qualities of change.are you waiting to open your presents after you eat your pancakes?”