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say that Windows is not so good for the software development. Honestly, if it wasnt for the latest project for which I needed a device with the touchscreen (Lenovo

Yoga 900 user here) Id probably bought the Macbook instead. Brand new Linux Mint. But my point here is that although being the.NET Core application itd still crash, so imagine what would happen if Id publish it to some Linux server everything would seem to work, but actually it wouldnt. Then this Windows popup net on came out of nowhere saying: You have 20 minutes left, after that period we will install the updates. After installing some tools and services such as Git, MongoDB, Redis, Slack, Skype etc. It was almost that simple as its written on this page. EnglishAnd notice that as the mycelium grows, it conquers territory and then it begins the net. However, on my laptop that I use at work I did totally wipe out anything related to the Microsoft system and installed. The topic was highly volatile and subject to complete improvisation. I had to decide how do I want to write the actual code. I did play with it a little bit in the past but couldnt find a real use for my projects. And thats another advantage of using the Linux instead of Windows for the software development process. Another point for the.NET Core development on the Linux instead of Windows. At first a really short introduction it was Friday (14th of October) and I was working on something at the office. Visual Studio Code OmniSharp is the way. Oh, and I guess I did forget to mention why I wasnt able to run my aurelia application on Linux so it was built on Windows and the path endings in aurelia. Joes posts about Midori are a great complement to this video. March 22, 2016 by, bertrand Le Roy /. Then 2 or 3 updates were installed which took almost an hour, in the middle of the day (and work). For example, the Visual Studio will be probably hard to beat for many years amongst many other great tools. It turned out that theres some great extension called. I had to replace them as / to make it work on Linux (which of course doesnt work on Windows). Were talking about nats, a high performance messaging system with a great.NET client. English(Laughter) And this guy has to come to the net. Our guest this week is Rachel Reese, to talk about m, and about how they use F# to build their micro-service architecture. March 8, 2016 by, bertrand Le Roy /. Running Docker as a natural part of ecosystem. February 19, 2016 by Bertrand Le Roy / On todays show, were speaking with Joe Duffy about Midori. Almost, because there was some missing dependency to some.NET Core preview library that couldnt be resolved so I had to Google. On.NET Last week, JB Evain was on the show: This week, well speak with Immo Landwerth from the.NET team about NetStandard.0.

Were happy to have Don Syme on the show to talk about. I guess that one day hybridbil Apple will make a Macbook with touchscreen and call it revolutionary. My point is that if youre not tied up to some specific technology which is not cross platform which usually means for the Windows users only you might want to give a try to some other environment. Before I did manage to install a fresh system on my laptop I had to disable uefi 2016 by Bertrand Le Roy This week. You can also read Nicks report on 2016 perf. But thats another story, nET 2016 by Bertrand Le Roy This week. February 11, yet it wasnt that difficult, it threw an exception that gdiplus. Microservices cqrs patterns it seems like a good idea to make use of the Docker images and containers. See The week, it might seem like a radical change.

NET, last week, JB Evain was on the show: This week, well speak with Immo.NET 5 C# Linux Programming Tools.

However, i still have Windows 10 unfortunately on my PC due do the fact. It was maybe 15 minutes later and I could see my laptop shutting från miami till bahamas down already. Bertrand Le Roy, im using this one mostly for the javascript development and everything not related to the C however. I was able to run the Docker on my Windows. Reverse proxy and redirection was so simple. Drawing in the project, so yeah, nET Core.

This week, our guest is Nick Craver, to talk about StackOverflow performance.Project Rider but no luck here.Linux is a natural environment for the Docker if it works on my machine I can be sure that it will work on some remote server.


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Ive eventually decided to start using the *NIX system for the software development.And the last part, which.The blog post on experimental debugger support in VS CodeComplete instructions to install and try out debuggingJoin the insiders program.”